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  • The forum skipped forward one year, meaning a limited amount of threads/events happened between Kingsway of 32 Dragon and August of 33 Dragon.

9:32 DragonEdit

Annum: First DayEdit

Month 1: Wintermarch

  • 10 - King Alistair Theirin decrees that Roderick Yorath will be Teyrn of Gwaren, to be confirmed at the next Landsmeet.
  • 25 - A plague breaks out in Highever, and the city is quarantined.

Annum: Wintersend

Month 2: Guardian

  • 5 - The Highever quarantine is lifted and the plague is declared cured.

Month 3: DrakonisEdit

  • 1 - Landsmeet is held.
  1. Roderick and Constance Yorath are confirmed as Teyrn and Teyrna of Gwaren.
  2. Bann Teagan Guerrin becomes Arl of Redcliffe in Eamon's place.
  3. Vaughan Kendells is executed for treason.
  4. Fergus Cousland wins the right to marry Raelene Caoileann, though is not allowed to be named teyrna.
  • 5 - Aedan Cousland resigns as Warden Commander and Arl of Amaranthine, naming Nathaniel Howe to the positions.
  • 8 - Malone Kincade is appointed Arl of Denerim by King Alistair.

Month 4: CloudreachEdit

  • 15 - Fergus Cousland and Rae Caoileann are married in Highever.
  • 27 - The Joining creates three new Grey Wardens: Cauthrien MacLean, Vaia the Chasind mage, and Lucian the templar.

Annum: SummerdayEdit

Month 5: BloomingtideEdit

  • 9 - Nathaniel Howe and Fiona Costigan are married in Amaranthine

Month 6: JustinianEdit

  • 20 - Teyrn Roderick Yorath is killed at sea by raiders, leaving Teyrna Constance the sole ruler of Gwaren.
  • 24 - Arl Kincade holds a Summerfest Tournament in which Kahrin Quirke is declared the tournament champion.

Month 7: SolaceEdit

  • 11 - Vigil's Keep is attacked by a band of undead send by a blood mage.  The undead are defeated.
  • 12 - Elven apostate Adara Carey is Joined in secret by Anders and Fiagai after being tainted by the blood mage who attacked the Keep.

Annum: FunalisEdit

Month 8: AugustEdit

Month 9: KingswayEdit


Month 10: HarvestmereEdit

Annum: SatinaliaEdit

  • Bann Podric Foote of Snowscrest dies; his son Theodore Foote becomes Bann.

Month 11: FirstfallEdit

Month 12: HaringEdit