The Bannorn of BlackwoodEdit

Blackwood is a bannorn found in the teyrnir of Gwaren, on the southern borders of the Brecilian Forest.  It's people are mostly hunters and woodsmen, and living on the edge of a forest as wild and dangerous as the Brecilian has bred plenty of rumors and superstitions.  Their opinions of the Dalish tend to be very negative, as folks disappearing in the forest tends to be blamed on them.

Besides losing many of their soldiers at Ostagar, the bannorn was largely untouched by the worst of the Blight.

Bann: Connor Ainsley

The Ainsley FamilyEdit

  • Sorcha Ainsley (nee Brynmor): Deceased.  A charismatic and intelligent young woman, Sorcha ruled her bannorn ably before dying in childbirth in 14 Dragon.  She caused a mild scandal when she married a half-Chasind hunter and took his name instead of seeking to marry up.
  • Ewan Ainsley: The son of a Chasind wanderer and a Ferelden huntress, Ewan made his living as a wandering hunter until he happened upon Sorcha in the Brecilian one day and fell in love.  His only contribution to Blackwood's politics was bitterly fighting for the rights of his sons to inherit their mother's title upon her passing.
  • Padraig Brynmor: Sorcha's younger brother, Padraig is scheming and ambitious.  He served as Connor's regent until the moment Connor came of age and no later--a deal that he begrudgingly made with Ewan, as he has never been able to have heirs of his own.  That said, Padraig values family and considers the success of his nephews to be his own.
  • Connor Ainsley: Current Bann of Blackwood, Connor is the elder twin son of Sorcha and Ewan.
  • Ciaran Ainsley: The younger twin by three hours, Ciaran has always claimed to be a simpler man than his brother.  He favors sword and shield while his twin favors bow and dagger, and Ciaran has never claimed to want to be involved in politics.  He led Blackwood's forces to Ostagar during the Blight and very nearly died there himself.
  • Noreen Ainsley (nee Parry): Deceased. The daughter of the very small neighboring bannorn of Breckinridge, Noreen was Connor's childhood friend.  The two were betrothed as children and married as soon as they both came of age.  She died of a fever during the Blight under suspicious circumstances.


As Blackwood abuts the Brecilian Forest, its main export is timber.  Furniture and bows carved by craftsmen from Blackwood are highly prized.