Biographical information Photo
Name: Connor Ainsley (Male)
Date of Birth (Age): 20 Cloudreach, 8 Dragon (26 years old)
Place of Birth: Blackwood, a bannorn in Gwaren
Home: Blackwood, though he spends a lot of time in Denerim
Occupation: Bann
Misc: Has two bloodhounds named Angus and Lenox
Languages: Fluent in Common and Orlesian; knows a smattering of Antivan and Rivaini
Character Profile:
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Approximately 165 lbs
Hair: Thick, brown with auburn undertones that he wears combed back. It tends to curl.
Eyes: Light blue
Other: None in particular. His skin is tanned and freckled with olive undertones.
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse Noreen Parry (deceased)
Children None
Mother Sorcha Brynmor Ainsley (deceased)
Father Ewan Ainsley
Siblings Ciaran Ainsley, Connor's twin (who is younger by 3 hours)
Profile Updates
  • Made Arl of Dragonreach by Constance on 25 Cloudreach, 34 Dragon. He will become the teyrn-regent of Gwaren once Constance marries King Alistair.
Important Events
  • Ciaran Ainsley - Twin brother who is now the Bann of Blackwood
  • Kahrin Quirke - A guardswoman he met by chance in the forest, who he fell in love with very quickly and messily.
  • Constance Yorath - Connor supported her bid for the teyrn's seat of Gwaren and has been rewarded in return by being asked to serve as the Arl of Dragonreach and the teyrn-regent of Gwaren until Constance's son comes of age.
  • Moira Reese - Noreen's former lover and handmaiden. She and Connor have been friends since childhood, though the nature of their individual relationships with Noreen has made it a somewhat unusual friendship.
  • Padraig Brynmor (NPC) - Maternal uncle who served as Blackwood's regent after his mother's death until the boys came of age.
  • Deirdre (NPC) - Head of Connor's personal guard and a trusted friend
  • Emrys (NPC) - Member of Connor's personal guard who privately works as his spymaster
  • Liadan (NPC) - Member of Connor's personal guard; Deirdre's younger sister
  • Roisin (NPC) - Sister of Deirdre and Liadan; popular seamstress in Blackwood responsible for most of Connor's wardrobe