• Biggest house in the area
  • Small rear yard with a very small garden and two sheds for storage

Three roomsEdit

  • Small kitchen
  • Common room with benches and tables
    > one table was recently repaired (burned by mage child)

  • An attic used as a bedroom
    > two beds for very small children
    > one bed for Lisim
    > everyone else sleeps on thin mats on the floor
    > during the winter, everyone sleeps in the common room to be closer to the stove


  • Lisim
    > Matron
    > Thin, grandmotherly, practices tough love but really cares for her kids

  • Seria
    > Orphan
    > Age:
    > Long blonde hair in pigtail braids
    > Best buds with Kali

  • Becca
    > Orphan
    > Age: 4
    > Short, curly brown hair
    > Loves Rae's fairy tales

  • Gerard
    > Orphan
    > Age: 9
    > Short red hair
    > Gets mouth washed out with soap frequently