Flinn De'Lora

Character ProfileEdit

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Significant Recent EventsEdit

  • Killed his first dragon in the Brecilian Forest.
  • Flinn meets Tallia Ahearan and they agree to he hires her to aid him in fighting a group of darkspawn he promised to get rid of. After joining the mercenaries to Ironbrook Flinn and Tallia begin a relationship. Before leaving Denerim the pair were accosted by Sergeant Jerek Stromguard. After lying to the sergeant, Flinn and Tallia managed to evade any trouble.
  • Revealed to Tallia that he was once a slaver two years ago. After being betrayed by his former boss, a man known only as Dirk, Flinn swore vengeance on Dirk for unknown reasons. Flinn has been travelling across Orlais, hunting slavers throughout the criminal underworld and reveals he was not in Ferelden about the High Dragon rumours, but there hunting Dirk.
  • Participated in the Siege of Ironbrook. After the battle Flinn left Tallia upon hearing word of Dirk's goons near Lothering.

Changes to AppearanceEdit

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    Flinn the Dragon Hunter

    Flinn wears a necklace with the tooth of a dragon on the end, a trophy from his first dragon hunt.


  • Tallia Ahearan: Was in a serious relationship and their future is currently unknown. Flinn has confessed his love to Tallia and told her his deepest secrets. After meeting in the Denerim Aleinage Flinn had what was supposed to be a one night stand. His emotions got in the ways and now Flinn is fiercely loyal and protective of Tallia. After the Siege of Ironbrook Flinn heard word that bandits working for the slavers he was hunting were operating nearby and left Tallia. Their relationship is still there but Flinn now considers himself single.
  • Aureya Kethial: Flinn first met Aureya two years before the Siege of Denerim. Flinn was hunting his first drake when Aureya saved him from certain death. Flinn had a large crush on Aureya whilst he stayed amongst her clan. When Flinn made a move on Aureya he was rejected due to the fact she was promised to someone else. Flinn left the clan and encountered Aureya two years later and both became good friends.
  • Kayetan Aldar: Flinn first met Kayetan in Redcliffe. The two had a small rivalry when trying to woo the local bar wench. They parted ways and encountered one another in Lothering where they fought alongisde each other, against a dragon terrorising the area. Kayetan was injured and forced to retreat, so once more they parted ways. Flinn and Kayetan met once again in Denerim and finally joined forces, both signing up to help defend Ironbrook. Whilst they had a few arguements at first due to Flinn's attitude towards the job they were hired to do, the two quickly became good friends.