The term godmoding is used to describe actions a player chooses for another player's character. All character action must originate from the player of that character.

This can be a difficult concept to get used to, particularly when one is a writer of fiction and used to controlling all characters in a story. It is essential to remember that you control your character only. Based on the other player's posts, you can paraphrase the actions of the other player's character, and you can interpret them, but you cannot choose new ones for them.

Examples of this:

  • Stating another character's reaction (facial expression, movement, etc.) to something your character says/does.
  • Inserting dialogue from another character that was not written by that character's player.
  • In a fight, deciding that your strike will connect with the other character rather than allowing the other character to make that decision.
  • Etc.

Godmoding is NOT ALLOWED on Warden's Vigil.

If a player is caught godmoding:

  • First infraction: A member of the moderating team will contact the player and correct them, and explain what godmoding is and why it's a problem.
  • Second infraction: The player will receive an official warning from the moderating team.
  • Third infraction: The player's account will be suspended for two weeks.
  • Fourth infraction: The player will be banned from the boards.