Ironbrook was founded during the by the Orliesians during the Occupation when the Brecilian Forest was hiding the rebel army.

Map of Ironbrook

At first all that was there was the castle, built on a small ridge to watch for any enemy movements in the area. During the war the castle exchanged hands many times. The last time Ironbrook was taken was when Gerald Berun led those loyal to King Maric against the Orlais forces occupying the castle. It was at around this time the Orliesian forces were driven out of Ferelden and King Maric took his place on the throne.

As a reward for his deeds Gerald was named Commander of Ironbrook Castle and it became a way point or those travelling to and from Gwaren and became apart of the Arling of South Reach. Eventually a small village grew up around the castle and it was walled off to keep the villagers safe from the terrors of the Brecilian Forest. Today the village is in a realtive peace. Gerald still rules over Ironbrook but is now an old man near his deathbed has no heir for the mantle of Commander of Ironbrook

Important PlacesEdit

  • Ironbrook Castle
  • The Chantry (Grey building on map)
  • The Green Axe tavern, Inn and General Store (Light brown building near Chantry)
  • The Militia Barracks (Light brown building near Castle)

Important NPCsEdit

  • Brimstoneinsignia-1

    Ironbrook Insignia

    Ser Gerald Berun, Commander of Ironbrook
  • Ser Verun, Knight Instructor
  • Nikolas Harris, Blacksmith and Militia Leader
  • Mother Vera, Chantry Mother
  • Leon Butterbean, Innkeeper and The Green Axe Tavern, Inn and General Store Owner
  • Brian Butterbean, Tailor and The Green Axe Tavern, Inn and General Store Owner


Siege of Ironbrook