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Name: Kahrin Quirke (Female)
Kahrin for ouyangdan by rsek-d6g9hdh
Date of Birth (Age): Wintermarch 29, 9:09 (25)
Place of Birth: Amaranthine
Home: Dragonreach
Occupation: Guarding Arl Connor Ainsley's body
Misc: Tattoo on right cheek, brow, around eye, left cheek

Has two cats; Ser Pounce-A-Lot and Squire Pounceson

Languages: Fluent in Common and Anders, some Antivan, some very harshly accented Orlesian
Character Profile:
Physical information
Species: Human
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 105 soaking wet
Hair: Black/Brown-Black
Eyes: Hazel -- mostly green irises with amber rings at the center, one slightly browner than the other
Other: Scars on her mid-section, one prominent near her left hip, and random smatterings on arms and legs
Marital Status: Complicated
Spouse (Formerly) Anders
Children n/a
Mother Grainne Quirke
Father Iskandar Quirke
Siblings Brecken Quirke, Alec Quirke
Profile Updates
  • Kahrin was recruited into the personal guard of Fiona Howe by Nathaniel Howe, Justinian, 9:32.
  • Kahrin learned the ability Momentum from Aedan Cousland while sparring, Kingsway, 9:33.
  • Kahrin recently left her position as personal guard to become the formal mistress of Connor Ainsley, Bloomingtide, 9:34.
Important Events
  • Moving Day - Kahrin meets newly appointed Guard Captain Bridge on her first day at Vigil's Keep
  • Folly of an Evening - While on watch, Kahrin meets Devlin, Adara, and Anders. She and Anders decide on a more thorough introduction.
  • Book Worms - Newlyweds Nathaniel and Fiona are interrupted by Kahrin during a private moment. The only logical solution is to promote the interruptor.
  • Material Girls - Kahrin and Brecken go to Captain Bridge's mother's. Kahrin decides to buy a dress, and make friends with Penelope, whether she likes it or not.
  • Start With The Easy Things - Adara and Kahrin like high places, homemade wine, and secrets.
  • An Incident On The Road - Kahrin and Arlessa Howe are attacked by blood mages. Kahrin is gravely injured protecting Fiona.
  • Though Stung With A Hundred Arrows - Ser Shippard tries to impart comfort and wisdom to a convalescing Kahrin. Oh, and a kitten.
  • The Ecstasy of Sister Batty - Kahrin bumps into Marius at the chantry. They try to be pious. Instead they find fanfiction about Ser Shippard. This is what you do, yes?
  • Definitely Not A Social Call - Captain Bridge comes to the Quirke farm to deliver the news of Arlessa Howe's death.
  • Where E're You Walk - Kahrin and Anders exchange vows in secret.
  • Special Delivery - The Mages Collective comes calling.
  • Moss Grows On Every Side - Bann Connor Ainsley knows how to catch a woman. Literally.
  • How To Succeed In Business - Kahrin is hired into Bann Ainsley's personal guard by unconventional means.
  • Have You Listened to Me Lately? - Anders wants to go to the Marches, Kahrin tells him no.
  • Mixed Blessings - Connor tells Kahrin about his promotion. They share mutual fears and comfort one another.
  • Prey - Kahrin and Connor go hunting. She's worried she'll be pushed away when he remarries.
  • I Can't Read Your Mind - After meeting his twin brother, Kahrin and Connor admit they love one another, and define things.
  • This Is How A Heart Breaks - Anders shares his manifesto and asks Kahrin to come with him to the Marches. She confesses her affair. He becomes angry and throws her out.
  • Tango's Not Meant For Three - Anders meets Connor. Kahrin and Anders decide to end things. Or she does, and he accepts it.
  • [coming soon] - Full List of Threads for Kahrin Quirke
  • Connor Ainsley - Arl of Dragonreach whom she met in the woods outside of Denerim after getting caught in a snare. She fell quickly and chaotically in love.
  • Anders - Sort of ex-husband. She and Anders were together more than two years, and were sometimes volatile but largely happy. They married in secret in Haring, 9:33. They privately dissolved it after her affair with Arl Connor in Bloomingtide, 9:34. Needless to say, the relationship is strained.
  • Nathaniel Howe - Warden-Commander and Arl of Amaranthine, Nathaniel nudged her towards Anders initially, and recruited her as a personal guard for his wife. Kahrin remains loyal to the Howes though her employment ended after Fiona's death.
  • Fiona Howe - (deceased) Former charge and friend. Died during a mugging in 9:33. Kahrin left Vigil's Keep not long afterward, partly out of grief.
  • Penelope Bridge - Now Penelope Shippard. Guard Captain of Vigil's Keep, and friend.
  • Brendan Shippard - Knight at Vigil's Keep, formerly Kahrin's direct superior as the Arlessa's personal guard. Was not happy with Kahrin for leaving abruptly.
  • Adara Carey - Friend and co-drunk tiny girl in high places. Adara has a knack for letting Kahrin's secrets out of the bag, which Kahrin combats with bad relationship advice.
  • Laica Friel - Friend and confidante. Pep-talker.
  • Vaia - Friend and confidante. Responsible for Kahrin's well-sculpted nose.
  • Fergus Cousland - Kahrin and Fergus met in Redcliffe and became fast friends. They now write scandalous letters.
  • Marius Whitby - Kahrin met Marius in a seedy bar and proceeded to learn everything about each other but names. She lost her coin purse and her knickers, but gained a finely engraved belt buckle. They met again at Vigil's Keep and forged a friendship.
  • Brecken Quirke - (NPC) Kahrin's eldest brother and fellow smart-aleck.