Month/Year Member Character Thread Article
March 2010 Mysaria Laylei Practice Makes Perfect Qunari Translations
April 2010 Alistair Io Blood In The Water Quotes From The IRC
May 2010 Maya Kuren Locrean The Dust Stays With You Realistic Combat & You
June 2010 Aedan/Rae Leliana The Price We Pay Religions In Thedas
July 2010 Flinn Flinn The Brothers Cousland Ferelden Distances
August 2010 Wrenna Linette Daydreaming and Stargazing WV-Specific Calendar
September 2010 Aerion Andy Bleeding and Broken Hearts Highever
October 2010 Leliana Diago Steal Away The Night

WV-Specific Calendar

Novmber 2010 Erna Antonina Happy Endings The Chasind of WV
December 2010 Shianni Oghren War & Piece Offerings Ferelden Distances
January 2011 Chagati of the Otter Clan Jenna Kincade Laying Down the Law Characters Listed by Player
February 2011

Rodrigo Vitalis

Serafina MacKinnon

Nicolette O'Hara

Evelyn Kincade Whiskey Lullaby Creating Your Character: A Guide
March 2011 Nicolette Nathaniel Howe This is Home Posting Etiquette
April 2011 Alistair Theirin Alistair Theirin

Commander and Arl, Regend and Friend

Locked Out or Locked In?

Military Organization in Ferelden
May 2011 Sa'Vael Elen Siorus Cadigan Dear Rafi... & I'm Not Dead Ferelden Distances
June 2011 Nicolette O'Hara

Blythe Kincade


Brothers, Even Still Creating Your Character: A Guide
August 2011 The Offer
October 2011 Zevran Aranai A Single Sip
November 2011 Anders
December 2011 Ser Cullen
January 2012 Ramsay Costigan
February 2012 Penelope Bridge
March 2012 Nicolette O'Hara
May 2012 Maeva Truth, Lies and Consequences
June 2012 Augustin
July 2012 Brendan
August 2012 Vaia Mud, Sweat and Leers
September 2012 Kira Sutharlan

In Good Spirits

Master of Puppets

October 2012 Malone Kincade
November 2012 Honovi Somebody Please Put Baby In The Corner
December 2012 Marius Whitby

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

An Incident on the Road

January 2013 Elena Balston

Aches and Pains

Having These Feels

February 2013 Justine Fuchs

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

The Ecstasy of Sister Batty

March 2013 Kayreeh Myral

Less Than Perfect

The Road Back Home

April 2013 William Thompson
May 2013 Carver Hawke Til The Sun Comes Back Around
June 2013 Adara Carey

Man Interrupted

No One Knows My Scars Like You Do

July 2013 Finch

Big Brother is Watching

No Honor Among Thieves

Ovaries Before Brovaries

August 2013 Larisa

Last Man Standing

The Longest Journey

October 2013 Andriel Thelion

Learning the Ropes

Can you cook?

November 2013 Gwyndolyn Lutair
December 2013 Anya Lorey
February 2014 Damien
March 2014 Dahlia Phenra

The Road To Something New

It Was Only a Kiss

April 2014 Gian Corpus

Highever Welcome

A Pleasant Diversion

July 2014 Nathaniel Howe

New Paths

Brothers in Blood

The Cave

August 2014 Cauthrien

He Said What

The Broken Hand of the Law


September 2014 Adara Carey

Damnit Xander, I'm A Healer, Not A Shrink

This Isn't Playing Dressup

Bobbers and Thimbles

Do Not Play A Player

October 2014 Maya Turan

Warden Event

(Groups 1, 2, 3)

Wizard Needs Caffeine Badly

November 2014 Bethany Hawke

No Rhyme or Reason

Old-Fashioned Word

December 2014 Arl Teagan Guerrin

The 71st Rose

Old Friends Reunited

Funny Seeing You Here

January 2015 Elunara

Elves will be the Death of Me

A World That We Call Home

February 2015 Dagger

Learn to Fly

Whiskey, Women and Whine

March 2015 Andriel Thelion

Just an Orlesian Thing

Steel on Steel

April 2015 Anya Lorey


A Stitch in Time

May 2015 Mira Velawen

Better Safe Than Sorry

Uninvited But Not Unexpected


June 2015 Kenneth Hurst


Red Jenny And The Case of the Wrong Identity

July 2015 Connor Ainsley

Cereal Killer

Are All Still Welcome?

August 2015 Marius Whitby

Uh... I Didn't Do It?

The Wonders of Thedas

September 2015 Laica Friel

Being Bookish

Uninvited But Not Unexpected

October 2015 Eressa Ki'Dal Moira

Her First Time

Chantry and State

A Stitch In Time



November 2015 Berén Haleth

Balls to the Wall

Wayfinder's Lonely Hearts Club

December 2015 Constance Theirin Alistair Theirin

Solo: Chantry and State, Make it Stop. Please.

Plot: A Memorable Flame

Romance: Damaged

Comedy: Balls to the Wall

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