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The Wardens of Val ForetEdit

Information about the Order in Orlais and the Wardens of Val Foret specifically, including the whereabouts and history of their keep.



The son of a baker and his wife, Marc arrived at Warden’s Keep in Val Foret the day after his eighteenth birthday and pledged himself to Grey Wardens. After demonstrating good martial skill, he was taken on as a guard. Two years later, he joined the order officially. He has now been a Warden for eight years. It was his life’s ambition and despite having learned what it means to be a Warden, he is content with his choice.

Standing just over six feet tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes, Marc has a stoic disposition. He takes a while to warm to strangers, but those with the requisite patience will discover he does have a sense of humour and is generally a warm and caring individual, if perhaps a touch shy. Marc wears silverite heavy chainmail etched with Griffon emblem of the Grey Wardens and carries a sword and shield of red steel. When not armoured, he favours sensible clothing in warm, earthy colours. He drinks ale, and only ale and eats like a Warden. ;)


Twenty five years old, Jean has been a Warden for the last three. Philippe met the rogue in a tavern and recruited him to the order after seeing him fight. Jean is highly skilled with dual weapons and a short bow. Before joining the order, he dabbled in stealing, poaching, and other mercenary pursuits. In twenty two years, he had yet to kill another man, however. Beneath his sly wit and humour, Jean is actually something of a humanitarian. He plays the game to win, not draw blood.

Becoming a Warden put an end to his innocence, so to speak, but he does not regret it. He embraced his purpose with is usual enthusiasm and managed to retain his verve for life. Five foot, ten inches with brown hair and brown eyes, Jean considers himself a handsome man. His lovers would agree with him. Jean wears reinforced leather armour etched with the emblem of the Grey Wardens and carries a pair of veridium daggers. He also carries a sylvanwood short bow he calls the Vixen. He is adept at stealth and picking locks. He prefers to use his daggers in combat and tends to reserve his bow for sport. He is equally deadly with both.

Aedan CouslandEdit

The Reluctant Hero

Nathaniel HoweEdit

The Terse Commander


The Brewer

The First WardenEdit

Philippe's view on the First Warden, Weisshaupt and the Order

Plots and ThreadsEdit

Dragon 32Edit

The Orlesian Inquisition Philippe, Marc and Jean arrive at Vigil's Keep bearing letters from the First Warden
Drawing Borders Philippe asks Aedan for the truth
Last Door on the Left Nathaniel visits Philippe
The Hunt They do things differently in Ferelden
Proving Ground Oghen spills the hops
Lies Philippe confronts Aedan
Logistics Plotting and planning with Nathaniel
Observe and Report Philippe meets with and trains Siali and Auriana
Substantial Meal Breakfast with the recently returned Warden Mage, Mysaria
Reconnaissance A mission to investigate the Deep Roads entrance south of Vigil's Keep
No News Is Good News Philippe and Nathaniel discuss the First Warden's letter
Old Acquaintances Philippe runs into Nicolette and Rosemary in Denerim
First Things First Drinks with Augustin and Rosemary
Hello Mr. Magpie Philippe acquires some interesting traveling companions
Ferelden’s Finest Entering the Blackmarsh
Devils and Demons Tricks and traps
Rocks Fall Clearing out the Blackmarsh
Fraternization A discussion of the habits of Fereldan's Wardens
The Punchline Philippe does a little fraternization of his own
Night of the Living Dead Undead overrun Vigil's Keep

Dragon 33Edit

No Black Tie Required