Many, if not most, of the players of Warden's Vigil maintain multiple characters on the site. In order to facilitate plans for roleplay, some players may want to list their characters here.

A comprehensive list of all our characters may be found at Citizens of Warden's Vigil.

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Players and CharactersEdit

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Eressa Ki'Dal Gwyndolyn Lutair Berén Haleth Laindar Rovain
Linette Botten Constance Theirin Nathaniel Howe Zevran Arainai
Larisa Damien
Kayreeh Anya Lorey Myth Lem
Andriel Thelion Fergus Cousland Joscelyn Hawke
Teagan Guerrin
Kahrin Quirke

(preferred contact)

Carver Anders Eideard Clacher Choi Chae-Ri Karl Thekla
Breanna Guerrin Catriona Tierney
Gaston Rameau

(preferred contact)

Kiran Xuresh
Laica Friel

(preferred contact)

Noa Kealamauloa Ciaran Ainsley Knight-Captain Cullen Valerio Locatelli Shianni
Cauthrien MacLean Alistair Theirin Celeste Monroe Ser Braden Sutton
Adara Carey Maeva Omdal Camilla Lagorio Miriam Carey
Elunara Nebris Torin Brecken Quirke
Moira Reese
Finch Tristan Varric Tethras
Marius Whitby Oliver Lucas Alec Quirke
Mira Velawen Dustain Ser Tyrrell Anatole Deschanel
Ser Alden
Amaya Verdeo
Lialwyn Surion
Lord Ozik Ozenhammer
Mara Kerr Harmon Cabot
Siali Arnith Nicolette O'Hara
Hanamene Thornecroft