Pretty much anything that could be useful to RP in some fashion can go here.


  • Coat of Arms Visual Designer: For building nice-looking heraldries for your noble, mercenary company, et cetera.
  • Seventh Sanctum: A large collection of roleplay-related random generators. Useful for ideas, or just a laugh or two.
  • Thedasology: a collection of essays on philosophical topics relevant to Thedas. Really interesting food for thought, useful for examining how your character views the world around them.
  • Medieval Names Archive : While aimed more at the historical reenactor than the fantasy roleplayer, this is still a fantastic resource if you're looking for name ideas.
  • Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable charts. For realistic reference. ;)
  • Behind the Name / Behind the Surname. Awesome resources for researching names
  • Rinkworks: Fantasy Name Generator