Solange is a maleficar who took up the art of torture after escaping the Mages' Circle in Orlais. Once a devout
Solange brind amour by sisimka-d4fueuv

Solange Brind'Amour

Andrastrian, her values and beliefs were twisted by her mentor, Richaud, over the course of nine years of abuse and degradation. She turned to blood magic as a last resort and ended up murdering Richaud after using him to escape the Circle.

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Changes in AppearanceEdit

Since nearly being killed by templars in Gwaren, Sol has dyed her hair a darker shade of red and cut it quite short.


Solange came to Ferelden after hearing rumors that there might be new opportunities for her. Indeed, once she met her contact in Lothering, he reported that there was an ambitious bann in the south of Ferelden who sought someone of her expertise for his employ. The decision to enter a contract with then-Bann Roderick of Gwaren would be one that Sol ended up both appreciating and bemoaning.

Siorus Cadigan, Bann of LostwhithielEdit

Sol's relationship with Siorus is complex. Starting out as purely physical, it has developed into something much deeper. He gives her the strength and the support to change and perhaps rediscover who she had been before Richaud had twisted her.

Roderick Yorath, Teyrn of GwarenEdit

Roderick Yorath is Sol's former employer. She does not know that he knows she is a mage and a maleficar; nor does she know that Roderick is the one that anonymously alerted the Gwaren chantry to her presence, which almost cost her her life.

Aerion the HunterEdit

Sol took a contract from her contact in Lothering to torture a former werewolf to retrieve information about the rest of his pack. She used blood magic on Aerion, intending to kill him once she got the information she wanted. However, Sol ran out of time—not only did she not get the information she'd been hired to get, but Aerion was saved from execution by being Conscripted into the Grey Wardens by Aedan Cousland. Knowing she could not kill the former werewolf now, Sol reached into his mind once more and wiped away all memories of her appearance. Aerion had already told Aedan everything, however, and Aedan began questioning the town, revealing Sol's status as a maleficar—information that made its way back to Gwaren. Sol does also not know that Aerion remembers her scent quite clearly: peppermint.


New Kid on the Block (23 Harvestmere, 9:31 Dragon): Sol arrives in Gwaren and is hired by Roderick Yorath for her expertise in information retrieval.

Meddle Not... (20 Firstfall, 9:31 Dragon): Sol meets Ser Cullen, Katamar, and Marek.

A Coin for Vapid Beer (26 Firstfall, 9:31 Dragon): Sol runs into Roderick, Siorus, and Marek at the local pub, and indulges in some fun.

An Alliance (27 Firstfall, 9:31 Dragon): Sol and Siorus begin to form an alliance.