The Black Pig is a seedy tavern near Fort Drakon, infamous for being one of the most rundown places in Denerim. This is because it is a front for the mercenary group The Dragon's Claws, and is owned and run by members of the group; not many are willing to invest their gold in the place. It stocks the worst rotgut in Ferelden but has a pretty decent beef stew. Brawls occasionally break out but are usually quickly subdued; following an incident where a member of the king's guard accused several patrons of conspiring to kill him and a particularly bloody fight broke out, Tyrel has a few of his men in the tavern on rotation to keep an eye out for trouble, disguised as customers. If there is the slightest suggestion of weapons being drawn all offending parties are tossed out of the building. Tyrel doesn't want the guard's attention drawn to the place.

The inn consists of the main room, a set of privies, and three rooms in the back; Tyrel's bedroom, his office, and a general meeting place for the Claws to gather when they need to talk without being overheard. Walking into the latter without being a member of the group is a very bad idea.