• The Rusty Dagger Inn is a slightly rough tavern in the Denerim Market District, located near the entrance to the Alienage. While bouncers ensure all fights take place outside so that the customers can get drunk in peace, it is still very much spit-and-sawdust.
  • The tavern consists of the main area, a small kitchen, and some privies on the ground floor, and six bedrooms (not counting the living area the landlord and his wife inhabits) upstairs.
  • It is run by Robert Boroson and his wife Elizabeth, or Bob and Betty as everybody knows them. Bob is a jovial man who has a good right hook and doesn't put up with anybody manhandling his wife. Betty, as an ex-guard, can take care of herself. They're a pleasant couple, unless they think you look like trouble.
  • The bedrooms are fairly bare, although Betty has made an effort to put a painting in each one to stop them looking too drab. Each room has a bed, a chair, a small table and a chest for clothing.