The Waxed Trumpet is a brothel in Amaranthine, run by the ever-friendly madam Sonya Glass, a woman in her mid-fifties who is the very stereotype brothel madams are made of. She has a sense of humour that some of her patrons should perhaps be aware of, but always makes sure the customer leaves sated whether through food, ale or "the other thing", and several gold coins lighter.

The Waxed Trumpet consists of a small bar area, where Sonya greets the customers and lets them get comfortable, and seventeen bedrooms; some standard, some luxury and some that have a very definite 'prison' vibe around them. It depends on what the customer is willing to pay for. There is a meeting room away from the customer area where Sonya will speak to her workers or hire out without awkward questions for a while, usually to mercenaries who are having a disagreement. Extra payment is required if they get blood on the carpet.

It's a good brothel, as they go; Sonya has a variety of workers available to choose from and a couple of very burly bouncers for those troublesome sorts who don't know when they've run out of money. Sonya herself is seen as a rather respectable woman in the merchant circles, making sure her workers are well-kept and making sure she has the best deals on food and ale without undercutting other businesses.