Sometimes it happens, unfortunately, that a player needs to depart Warden’s Vigil, leaving his or her character(s) in the middle of a story. We wanted all of our players to be aware of our policy on this matter.

In-character implicationsEdit

When a player leaves WV, they relinquish control and ownership of their character(s). Players who are leaving WV are welcome to suggest what they would like done with their characters, and every effort will be made to accommodate these wishes, as long as the wishes:

  • fit within the overall scheme of WV’s history, current events, and lore; and
  • take the characters out of play.

Players who leave WV are not able to give their characters to another player to continue a story. If a player leaves WV in the middle of a plot (personal or otherwise), their character(s) must be written out of ongoing events immediately. This should be done in a non-lethal manner and with as little puppeting of the character as possible.

The moderators will work with the players affected by the absence of the character(s) in order to determine how the character(s) absence(s) should be explained. Should the player return to WV, it’s easier to pick up a character who has been out of play than one that has been puppeted extensively.

Out-of-character implicationsEdit

After two months of inactivity (e.g., no IC posts), a character will be marked inactive and their profile moved to the regular inactive forum. Alternatively, if a player leaves WV with notice, their account(s) will be marked as inactive immediately.

After six months total of inactivity, a character's account will be deleted and their profile moved to the inactive character archives for reference. If you wish to return with an old character, you will have to make a new account and re-apply, but your old profile will be available to pull information from.

If you are not going to be active for a few months due to real life issues, like study abroad or other long term life changes, if you let the staff know and keep us updated we will not make your character inactive. Keeping us informed is always the best policy.

We do understand that often real-life issues crop up unexpectedly that cause a long-term absence from the site. As long as the player left in good standing, they will be welcome to re-apply. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a moderator.

New membersEdit

Members who have signed up on the site but who have not created a profile or who have not had a profile approved within two months will have their accounts deleted in order to keep our member list current.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the moderating team.